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Hey There

Welcome to my Blog where I would like to share stories about taking chances and choosing JOY.


Be Open & Expect Miracles

You never know when Mr Right walks into your life.


On June 26th, 1973, Mr Right walked into my life! I had just started as the chief flight instructor at the Good Hope Flying Club at D F Malan Airport in Cape Town when a new student called to book a flight lesson. And at shortly before 11:00am Mike Low, a very good looking guy, walked into the Club House, well prepared, eager and ready for his date with destiny.

I don't think he had anticipated that his flight instructor would be a 5'-1" female who, he soon found out, really knew how to fly. He was one of my first students and, by the time it was over, he had his private pilot license and we were a couple. We got married in 1976 and in 1979 moved to Vancouver Canada with our 9 month old son, Marc. 


I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet and so grateful that we are still so much in love and enjoying our life together. Both of us are always eager to explore new horizons, so can't wait to see what magic the future holds for us.


 Wishing you lots of happiness, joy and love on your journey!

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