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During the 1970's, female pilots on any continent were few and far between. Overcoming personal tragedy and limited schooling, "Kucki" von Gerlach attained her private pilot's license in early 1969 at the age of 23, the first woman to do so in Namibia, then called South West Africa. She went on to become the first female commercial airline pilot in South Africa


Her entertaining memoir recounts her challenges, triumphs and joys of being a twentieth-century aviation pioneer. Share her hi-flying adventure as she "goes solo" for the first time, makes a bumpy landing just before a thunderstorm hits, and narrowly avoids disaster when one of her students freezes at the controls. You'll be inspired by her determination, her passion and her indomitable spirit.


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I’ve been reading your book all week, enjoying all your tales from your life immensely! It’s so much fun to know you so well now. I wrote about you in my blog today I have just finished reading Kucki Low’s new book “This is Kucki Your Pilot Speaking: The Inspirational Life Story of South Africa’s First Female Commercial Airline Pilot.”  It is a wonderful tale of a bright, strong woman, born in Austria, raised in South West Africa, who fell in love with flying and determined to become a pilot and made sacrifices to follow her dream. Kucki has followed her bliss throughout her life; trading in her passion for flying for a new found love of husband and family, immigrating to Vancouver, Canada, starting businesses, having adventures, and having fun. Now she shares with audiences worldwide the inspirational story of how she found her path to a joyous life by following her passions. ​
Chellie Campbell, 
Author of "The Wealthy Spirit" 
Lara H
Once I got home, I had little interest in anything else but reading your book! All I wanted was to drink tea and read your book, so off I walked to the near-by cafe to settle in and read. I am loving it, you write very well and I think that knowing you a little is helpful and contributes to my enjoyment of it and I can hear your voice telling your story as I read it, which I love! I love the photos you included and your honesty. The quotes are also amazing. I always say, a good book is one you think about after you have put it down to do some other things throughout your day and you see the story unfolding in your mind and cannot wait to return to it, that is how I felt as I walked back from the cafe and made dinner, I picked it up right after dinner. You inspire me!
Lindsay C
Gobbled it up! I took your book with me to the Island last week. I curled up and literally got carried away with another one of your adventures. I couldn't put the book down !! What a journey you've traveled ! I could relate to so much . . . I loved your descriptions of being in flight alone . . .and all the 'Mike' connections . . . and how I was brought to visit my own relationship with my Dad . . . you are so brave. Thank you for putting the book in my hands... THANK YOU! May you continue to inspire and uplift - your gift.
I can’t put your book down, it’s fabulous! It’s so well written, so personal, so intense. It’s one of the most interesting books I have read. Wonderful writing, lots of heart, lots of humour, lots of kindness
Brian M
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